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The concept of this new sport is to travel between the trees at the top of the forest. This stroll at the top of the trees is done with the help of rope bridges, ladders, zip lines, climbing nets, foot bridges, swings, giant steps, Tarzan cords and many more games to cross.

Equipped with a harness, you will evolve through different levels of courses in the trees adapted to one's age and strength in complete security. Your adventure will start with an obligatory initiation given by trained guides who will explain how to use your cords, carabiners and pulley, as well as, how to follow the rules of safety. This equipment will be connected along your stroll to a cable ensuring your safety. We are offering you a moment of escape and relaxation as a group or family while giving you an unforgettable outing.

This unforgettable outing with those
you're close to will allow you
privileged contact with nature.

ARBRASKA , is the subtle balance between the state of Zen and excitement. A stroll through either Arbraska Rawdon , Mont St-Gregoire or Rigaud, will challenge you to exceed your limits, will stimulate your senses and will raise your self-confidence.

We are delighted to welcome you to discover or rediscover many unforgettable moments that may include:

  • mastery of self
  • mastery of a fear of heights
  • balance
  • concentration
  • independence
  • responsibility
  • exceeding your limits in complete safety
  • the realization of a childhood dream for adults: to climb and develop skills in the trees
  • the realization of a childhood dream for kids: to have the permission of their parents to climb and develop in the trees

Group Rates (must be 20 persons or more to obtain group rates)

Arbraska Rules

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