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Alpine Coaster

Mont Saint-Sauveur and the Mont Saint-Sauveur Water Park are proud to announce the addition of a new activity: the Alpine Coaster. This latest ride brings a new dimension for Mont Saint-Sauveur’s winter and summer clientele.

The wave of investments continues at Mont Saint-Sauveur!

This new acquisition represents a $2.5 million investment for the ever‑innovating Mont Saint-Sauveur International group. Furthermore, this activity—the only one of it's kind in Canada—will operate year round. It’s great for the entire family because you control the speed, so even daredevils can have a blast, by pushing it to the max.

Organize a group of 20 or more people and save by taking advantage of our group rates.

MSSI invests $2.5 million to offer its customers an ACTIVITY THAT IS THE ONLY ONE OF ITS KIND IN CANADA

Some technical information:

  • Ascent length: 460 metres
  • Descent length: 1,085 metres
  • Total length: 1,5 km
  • Approximate maximum speed: 35 km/hr
  • Duration of the ride at 25 km/hr: 5.6 minutes
  • Capacity: 500 people/hour with the maximum capacity of 1000 people/hour
  • 2 people per cart
  • Maintenance-free stainless steel tubular rails
  • Tracks height : between 1 m et 6 m above the ground
  • 45 toboggans
  • Ecological integration of the equipment
  • Greatest possible safety: derailments excluded by track guides, brake levers on both sides and safety belts.

This concept is initially based on summer toboggan; the single car slides freely in a series of step descents and circular curves on a track cut through rugged mountain terrain. The passenger can control the speed of the ride. Meaning, he can choose not to brake or go as fast as he wants or go slower and take more of a scenic-type ride.

The great difference of that alpine coaster is that the toboggans are firmly connected to the rail system. That means that even when force is used, they cannot be separated from the rails. Additionally, the rails are built a few meters above the ground. This means that it can also be used during the winter season.

Like most of alpine slides and Roller Coasters, once at the top, gravity pulls the car down the banked track.

The work has begun, and the opening is planned for the 2009-2010 winter season. It’s the german company Wiegan who is in charge of the design and installation.

Bus Transportation (48 passenger school bus), $454.00 (taxes included)

Reservations: 514-626-6240 or 888-409-6240

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