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When choosing a destination for your multi-day ski trip there are several important factors to consider.  Each destination has different qualities.  What might be good for a group of 12 year old non-skiers/snowboarders would probably not be acceptable to a group of 16 year old experienced skiers/snowboarders.

When planning your trip look at the following factors:

  1. Age of students.
  2. Overall skiing/snowboarding ability of the group.
  3. Type of meals necessary (i.e.  meal plans).
  4. Need for extra activities.
  5. Trip dates.

The age of the students will determine the type of accommodation that you will require and the number of chaperones needed.  With younger students an easily contained small ski area is usually the best option.  Older students can be placed in condominium style accommodations.

The overall skiing/snowboarding ability of the group should be considered when choosing your destination.  If you have primarily “beginners” you do not need to go to one of the larger and more expensive high profile destinations.

Group meals for younger students can be arranged at many of the destinations.  For older students, staying in condominiums allows them the freedom to bring their own food and keeps the cost of the trip down.

Most groups like to be able to keep the students occupied in the evening with an organized activity.  Each destination offers different facilities (swimming pool, hot tub, bowling) and options for evening activities.  Evening activities can also include a trip to Quebec City, a dance, or some kind of show put on by the students (i.e. lip-synch, talent show, etc.)

Lodging Options

mont blanc
mont blanc
mont habitant
mont orford
Mont Orford

The date of your trip will affect the cost and availability of accommodations.  Generally the month of January and first two weeks of February are the most economical times for groups.  Many establishments do not accept students during the peak periods at the end of February and beginning of March.

Ski Evolution lodging packages are customized to meet the needs of your group. Most packages typically include the following:

  • Transportation by Deluxe Coach                       
  • Lodging (maximum occupancy)
  • Lift Tickets                                                     
  • Lessons for all beginners
  • Organized evening activities                            
  • Shuttle Bus (if necessary).
  • Equipment rentals (if necessary)                      
  • Services of a Ski Evolution representative
  • One free package for every twenty purchase

Reservations: 514-626-6240 or 888-409-6240

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