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Skiing: Equipment Rental

Equipment Rentals

Rental details must be retuned by email to [email protected] a minimum 7-10 prior to your outing.

For your group outing to be successful the following information needs to be correctly entered on the rental forms that will be supplied:

  • Name of group, person in charge, date of visit and time of arrival.
  • Type of equipment required: skis or snowboards.
  • Personal information for each student renting equipment; name, sex, height, weight, shoe size, ability (beginner-intermediate-expert) and foor forward (snowboard only).

Helmets: Many resorts are unable to guarantee that they will have a helmet available for each student. Ski Evolution and The Canadian Safety Council advocates the use of helmets for skiers and snowboarders of all ages. The policy for helmet use is up to the discretion of the organizers for each group. Helmets do provide significant protection.  The outer shell of the helmet protects against impact while the inner liner reduces the forces that are transferred to the head.  Today’s helmets are so light, comfortable and stylish that many skiers consider them not only a safety device but also a fashion accessory. When choosing a helmet verify that it has been specifically designed for skiing and boarding.  The helmet should carry a CE, ASTM or Snell RS-98 certification.  Helmets must be correctly fitted to each individual. 


  1. Equipment rentals subject to availability.
  2. Equipment rental list required 10 days in advance.
  3. Many resorts require that rental details are submitted on specific forms. You will be issued the proper forms well in advance of your visit.
  4. The loss or damage of rental equipment is the responsibility of the individual and the group.

Reservations: 514-626-6240 or 888-409-6240

[email protected]

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